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Easy trademarks is a women run legal technology company that was founded in the United states with interests in high growth emerging markets. Our background ranges from finance, data science, business, software development and most importantly law.
– We provide local, regional and international trademark owners and their consultants with tools to:

1. Trademark Protection
2. Trademark surveillance
3. Trademark Management

– We provide local governments and public institutions with tools to assist brand owners with navigating the technical, legal and language barriers of local markets.

– Long term partnerships with local governments in order to succeed in the Journey.

Moltazim Platform is a RegTech soloution owned by Moltazim Altandemeyah Commercialization Establishment that automates all types of Regulatory documents such as rules, regulation, standards, protocols and any regulatory framework of anykind that is related to businesses & product/service for SMEs and Large sized enterprises.