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KSA: Al-Rajhi approves executive regulations of Job Discipline Law

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi approved the executive regulations of the Job Discipline Law.

The executive regulations state that one or more committees would be formed in the government entity to look into violations committed by employees and investigate them.

Committee members are barred from examining or investigating violations of their direct managers and family members.

The regulations specify that the means of informing a regular employee with regard to his appearance for investigation shall be either through text messages sent to his phone number, which is documented with the government entity, or through his government email or his account registered in the government automated system, or his national postal address.

The committee shall carry out investigation into the complaints against the employee in a sitting at the headquarters of his workplace only, and the investigation may not take place at the employee’s location unless he is unable to attend the workplace due to a valid excuse. There is no provision to postpone the investigation.

The regulations also stipulate that the employee under investigation shall not write his own statement related to the violations. Instead, he is entitled to submit an explanatory memorandum in separate papers and submit it along with the relevant documents and papers substantiating his justifications.

The regulations prevent the competent investigation committee from using methods of threatening coercion or pressure on the employee during the process of investigation. action against an erring employee.

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