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Ministry of Justice Refers Lawyers to Disciplinary Panel

The Saudi Ministry of Justice states that the cases of lawyers who violated the judicial regulations and professional ethics were referred to the Lawyers Disciplinary Committee to take the necessary legal procedures.

In coordination with the Saudi Bar Association (SBA), the ministry has detected a number of professional violations committed by many lawyers, these violations varied between making statements that contain incorrect information, misleading public opinion, and failure to protect the secrets and confidential matters of some clients in a clear breach of trust.

The ministry noted that any lawyer, who violates the provisions of the legal profession, its executive regulations, the rules of professional conduct, and professional ethics or commits an act that undermines the honor of the profession, must be punished according to the penalties stipulated in the law.

These penalties include warning, censure, suspension from practicing the profession for a period not exceeding three years, or dropping their name from the list of practicing lawyers, in addition to revocation of the license of practice.

The ministry mentioned the critical role of lawyers as a part of the Saudi justice system. It also emphasized the continuous following up of the proper functioning of the legal profession and the compliance of licensed lawyers to the regulations and rules regulating their work.

The ministry said formerly that there are nearly 18,000 lawyers in the Kingdom. 9,541 of them are practicing lawyers — including 1,364 women and 8,177 men — who are registered with the ministry as of mid-April 2021. The number of trainee lawyers who are registered with law firms reached 8,238, including 5,150 men and 3,088 women.

Through its electronic portal, the ministry has provided a series of services for lawyers and trainees to be able to obtain it without the need to visit the ministry’s headquarters or its branch offices or law departments across the Kingdom.

These services cover registration of a new trainee lawyer; query about certified lawyers; transfer of trainee lawyer from one law office to another; and the registration of the trainee to practice as a lawyer; status of applications submitted for lawyers’ services; updating lawyer’s data; displaying the list of trainees with a lawyer; addition and exclusion of a trainee from practice, the release of a trainee at the end of training.

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